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Online Programs for Advanced Spiritual Learning

Lightworkers are explorers and adventurers at heart. We are fascinated with Source, the Universe and our miraculous potential to manifest the lives we desire. The Lightworkers Lab designs programs specifically geared to take the metaphysical seeker to the next level in their jouney. 

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Meet & Work With Your Spirit Guides

Learn to connect, communicate and WORK with your divine emissaries

Taught by Lab founder Crystal Anne Compton, this program contains over SIX hours of comprehensive content to help connect you with your team in Spirit.

Cost: $99

Meet & Work With Nature Elementals

Explore the fascinating world of fairies, spirit animals and Gaia's magical kingdom

In this program taught by Lab teacher Tricia Carr, students will learn how to work with elemental energy and connect with the the magical energy of Gaia.

Cost: $99

Many Mansions

Exploring Interdimensional Worlds

In this popular program taught by Crystal Anne Compton, students will learn about dimensions, cosmic rays, the Omnidimensionals, alien races, plus MANY groundbreaking techniques to achieve contact with our interdimensional friends.

Cost: $177

Empowered Empaths & Highly Sensitive Intuitives

Turn Your Sensitivity Into Your Super Power

In this program taught by Lab teacher Tricia Carr, students will discover the true power in their innate sensitivity and learn how to USE this power to change their lives. 

Cost: $177

All About Angels 

Journey into the powerful realm of the angels

Explore the angelic kingdom and discover incredibly powerful techniques to help you identify and communicate with the most powerful divine emissaries we have. 

Cost: $177

The Blueprint 

A powerhouse program for spiritual entrepreneurs

From developing confidence and authority to building your website and email list, this program is for the Lightworker READY to be a successful spiritual practitioner.

Cost: $333