Your Divine Emissaries have been with you all along...

  • Explore the vast and fascinating world of the angels
  • Discover how to know when your angels are around and communicating with you
  • Learn powerful techniques to contact and work with your angels
  • Never feel alone again!
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A program for people who ar ready to move beyond traditional views of angels (most of which are inaccurate) and into the incredible reality of who these beings truly are.  

The truth is that angels are far more than simply light beings with wings and halos. They are protectors. Fixers. Organizers. Magnetizers. They are incredibly powerful and they are waiting to work more deeply with you.  

What most people don't realize is that there is a protocol to follow when working with angels. A series of steps to go through that actually activates the angels' full power in your lives. Without following this protocol, the angels are still there, but we are not able to perceive them fully.  

In this comprehensive program spiritual teacher Crystal Anne Compton will teach you the protocol so that you can get started immediately working with your angels and building a new and wonderful relationship with them!

In this class you will learn: 

  • How Source Energy brought the ARCHANGELS and the angels into being -- and why it's IMPORTANT  
  • All about the primary ARCHANGELS, their DEFINING attributes, and how they can help us in SPECIFIC AREAS of our lives  
  • A powerful ANGEL INVOCATION that will put you right into CONTACT with your angels 
  • A MEDITATION which GUIDES you through this invocation into your first angel encounter 
  • A channeled angel ACTIVATION that makes you an energetic match for angels and your new angelic relationship 
  • The specific COLORS, CRYSTALS, and ESSENCES associated with each Archangel

CLASS ONE: Understanding Your Angels

CLASS TWO: Preparing To Work With Your Angels 

In this class you will learn: 

  • How to create a SACRED and CHARGED space in which to do your angel work
  • Various methods of VIBRATION MODIFICATION to help you connect with your angels (Part One) 
  • The #1 thing you must do to RECEIVE ANGEL COMMUNICATION plus an EXERCISE to develop this ability in your life 
  • How to make a personal ANGEL ALTAR (including one that you can travel with) 
  • How to program an ANGEL PENDANT for constant connection and protection 
  • Another effective ANGEL INVOCATION that will help you to CALL IN your angels 
  • SIGNS and EVIDENCES that validate your ANGELS are around you 
  • How to CLEANSE angel jewelry and the CRYSTALS used in your ANGEL work  

In this class you will learn: 

  • How to channel through the EIGHTH CHAKRA -- explanation and technique 
  • The kinds of TASKS your angels are PERFECTLY suited to carry out for you 
  • The incredible IMPORTANCE of NOTICING and FEELING 
  • Crystal CHAKRA singing bowl VIBRATION modification 
  • The TRUTH about CHANNELING -- and HOW to DO it 
  • Non-traditional VIBRATION modification techniques using RESONANCE and FREQUENCY (Part Two) 
  • Five more CHANNELING methods to put you into strong and powerful CONNECTION with the world of Spirit  
  • Another powerful channeled ANGEL ACTIVATION to adjust your personal energies  

CLASS THREE: Channeling Angels

As A Student Of ALL ABOUT ANGELS You Will ALSO Receive These AWESOME Bonuses:

Bonus Video On Dreamwork: 

The easiest way for an angel -- or any light being -- to interact with you is through the dream mechanism. For this reason it's extremely important to engage in consistent Dreamwork. This lesson will teach you how to prime yourself before you sleep so that you are more likely to have a spiritual encounter, and also how to better remember -- and interpret -- your spiritual dreams.  

Five Channeling Techniques

One of the most exciting aspects of working with our angels is learning how to channel them. When we channel angels we experience direct and powerful access into their divine energy. The third module of this course deals specifically with this, but I wanted to add even more as a bonus. In this bonus audio lesson I teach you five separate -- and very powerful -- channeling techniques that will help you begin today making contact with your angels. 


Students will have access to previously recorded Q&A sessions in order to complete their angel training.




Meet Crystal.

Crystal Anne Compton is a spiritual teacher, intuitive channel, and founder of The Lightworkers Lab, a growing online community dedicated to spiritual learning, fellowship, and consciousness exploration.

Crystal has a YouTube channel with hundreds of spiritual and metaphysical educational videos and also hosts The Lightworkers Lab Podcast which can be found by visiting Crystal has taught thousands of students all over the world and travels frequently to host Lab meetups, local workshops, and spiritual events.

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