Online Programs For Advanced Spiritual Learning

with Crystal Anne Compton

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Channeling Angels

Discover how to connect with (and channel) the GREATEST divine energy available

Crystal Anne Compton delivers a wealth of unique and fascinating information about your your most powerful allies in the world of Spirit.

Cost: $99

Meet & Work With Your Spirit Guides

Learn to connect, communicate and WORK with your divine emissaries

Taught by Lab founder Crystal Anne Compton, this program contains over SIX hours of comprehensive content to help connect you with your team in Spirit.

Cost: $99

Many Mansions

Exploring Interdimensional Worlds

In this incredibly popular program, students will learn about dimensions, cosmic rays, the Omnidimensionals, alien races, plus MANY groundbreaking techniques to achieve contact with our interdimensional friends.

Cost: $177

All About Angels 

Journey into the powerful realm of the angels

Discover incredibly powerful techniques to help you identify and communicate with the most powerful divine emissaries we have. 

Cost: $177

About Crystal

Crystal Anne Compton is a spiritual teacher, intuitive channel and founder of The Lightworkers Lab, a growing online community dedicated to spiritual learning, fellowship and consciousness exploration. Crystal has a YouTube channel with hundreds of spiritual and metaphysical educational videos, and also hosts The Lightworkers Lab Podcast which can be found by visiting Crystal has taught thousands of students all over the world, and in 2018 plans to travel frequently to host Lab meetups, local workshops and spiritual events.

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