Channeling Angels

Learn How to Hear, Understand & Work With Your Angelic Emissaries

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Angels are 100% real.  

Not only are they real, they are with you RIGHT NOW and stand ready to work with you as deeply and as profoundly as you'll allow.  

There is one catch, however: You have to know how to work with them; how to invoke, feel, hear and interact with them. 

The good news is that this type of communication is not just possible, it's natural, and when learned -- it's very, very simple.  

In this life-shifting 2-Day online program, Lab Founder Crystal Anne Compton will teach you how to connect and channel your angels plus much, much more. 

This program is for you if...

  • You have ever felt a jolt of divine or angelic energy and want to know what or better yet WHO that was
  • You are ready to meet your PERSONAL angelic team, i.e., know their names, what they do and specifically how they can help
  • You want to learn specific TECHNIQUES to communicate with and channel your angels  
  • You are ready to UPLEVEL your life by incorporating the wisdom of your angels to make better decisions for yourself and your future

What You Will Learn: 

Archangels & Their Subclasses

Archangels and angels are not only omnidimensional and powerful, they have their own unique personalities. They also had a hand in our creation, which means each one of us has a singular and powerful tie to one or more Archangels. Discover who these beings are and also which ones are closely related to you.

Different Ways Angels Can Help Us 

Angels serve different roles in ourt lives for various situations. There are career angels, romance angels, lifetime guardian angels, health and wellness angels, and more. Explore the various magical (and practical!) ways our angels are here help and equip us with what we need, precisely when we need it. 

How To Properly Invoke Your Angels

Angels have been described as an incredibly large unemployed workforce filled with beings just sitting around WAITING for us to give them a job. However, there are a few important steps we MUST take to properly task them. Learn the powerful invocation that will guarantee your angels are present and ready to work. 

Techniques To Channel Angels

There are several different ways to communicate and interact with your angels. Students of this program will learn multiple angelic channeling techniques -- as well as how to program an angel pendant and build an angel altar -- which will establish clear communication with their angelic emissaries. 

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More About The Program

The is an On-Demand program, meaning students will receive instant access to all course material as soon as they sign up. This access remains in effect for a full year, so you have plenty of time to unpack and integrate the incredible amount of content ofered. Here's just some of what students will learn:  

Module One: Angels - Your Infinite Resource

  • Who/Where/Why: Discover who and what angels truly are, starting with how they were created, their heirarchy and their ultimate purpose
  • A Complete Guide To The Archangels: Dive into precisely who these powerful beings are, as well as how to recognize and call upon them
  • Areas Of Assistance: Learn specific ways angels are equipped to help us 
  • Angel Activation: Receive a special angel activation to make you an energetic match for heightened angelic contact
  • Angel Protrocol: Receive the exact formula to use to invoke and activate your angelic team

  • Module Two: Techniques To Channel Your Angels
  • How To Hear Them: Learn the difference between angelic communication and other spiritual messaging
  • Setting A Sacred Space: Learn how to design and charge a special place that will allow you to quickly and powerfully click into angelic energy
  • How To Talk To Them: Discover tools and techniques to connect you to your angels
  • How To Work With Them: Powerful methodds that will open your ability to channel your angels
  • Techniques For Vibration Modification: Discover new and powerful ways to adjut your vibration to make you a suitable instrument for angelic interaction and channeling
  • Angel Tools: Design and charge your own angel altar as well as an angel pendant that will allow you to feel the energy of your angels at all time

About Your Teacher

Crystal Anne Compton is a spiritual teacher, intuitive channel and founder of The Lightworkers Lab, a growing online community dedicated to spiritual learning, fellowship and consciousness exploration.  

Crystal has a YouTube channel with nearly 500 spiritual and metaphysical educational videos, and also hosts The Lightworkers Lab Podcast which can be found by visiting

Crystal has taught thousands of students all over the world, and in 2018 plans to travel frequently to host Lab meetups, local workshops and spiritual events.

 Click here to visit Crystal's website.

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