How To Meet & Work With Your Elemental Guides

Would you like to be experience more ABUNDANCE, FREEDOM and JOY? Working with your Elemental Guides can greatly enhance your creative powers as well as deepen your connection to a happy life.  

You are composed of Gaia, Herself. Therefore, working with Divine Elemental Beings in an intentional manner is a natural skill with which you were born. Gaia is CREATION. Nature is ABUNDANCE. Your Elemental Guides stand ready to help you activate your NATURAL MAGIC.  

We all have many nature spirit guides who watch over us, play with us, co-create with us and endlessly bless us. The various kinds of Elemental Guides you have range from certain categories according to the elements, to ultra-elemental guides, to ascended animal guides, to ancestral elementals and visitors from parallel lives – to name just a few.  

This is not (just) the stuff of fairy tales; this is REAL! Just because a person disbelieves does not mean that they are disconnected from these adjacent etheric realms. All creation begins with INTENTION. Having a fully formed relationship with your ELEMENTAL SPIRIT TEAM can help you to focus your intentions toward your desired and purpose-filled life! 

Tricia Carr, Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Channel, Animal/Nature Telepath and Head Guide in the Lightworkers Lab

This ONLINE program includes:

 • Two in-depth classes plus meditations and activations to connect you to your elemental guides

• Exercises, techniques and supplemental handouts to help you communicate and partner with your elemental guides

 • One-year access to the full content hosted on our website

Learn How to Partner with Gaia and Her Benevolent Spirit Beings 

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This program is for you if...

  • You are ready to understand who are these REAL benevolent Elemental Guides – such as Faeries, Gnomes, Unicorns and Tree Spirits – and how you can partner with them. 
  • You want to learn specific TECHNIQUES to meet and engage your very own Elemental Guides.  
  • You are ready to MANIFEST your desires and create ABUNDANCE through a strong partnership with Gaia energy and her various Spirit Beings.  

Curriculum Overview

How To Integrate With Gaia And Hear Her Guidance

This class is offers much more than facts about the nature kingdoms. You will rediscover a mystery that eludes many people in modern society: the key to a purposeful and successful life is in your relationship with Mother Gaia! You will learn exactly how hold a clear channel with Gaia, a Master Spirit Guide.  

How To Interact With Gaia's Elemental Beings

Most people are unaware that these beings even exist. Others who are open to their existence think that they are troublesome or that it isn’t easy to connect with them. This class will demystify how to communicate with them so that you can receive their support.

Who (and What)These Mystical Beings Are

This class will discuss many of the beings of the etheric, astral and Earth spirit realms. We will also discuss the mineral kingdom, the animal kingdom and the requisite spirit expressions of these kingdoms. And of course, we will discuss the Fae kingdom! Knowledge sets the stage for an open connection!

How To Inegrate, Flow and Manifest With Gaia 

Gaia and her spiritual agents desire for each one of us to be in full manifestation from our heart’s desire. To them, this is how nature should be at all times. Learn from our spiritual brethren how to return to our natural state of ease and flow – materializing from the heart to the evidential life experience.

More About The Program

This online program consists of two classes:  

Class One: Gaia, Faeries, the Devic kingdom

• Who/Where/Why: Who Elemental Guides are, their characteristics, how and “where” they exist • Areas Of Assistance: How Elemental Guides can help us • Master Guides vs. Situational Guides • Various Kingdoms: Fae, Mineral, Animals, Spirit Animals, Ascended Animals, Ultra-elementals • What is REAL? Fairy tale or true story? How to trust what you experience. • History and Today: Atlantis, Lemuria, Today and Parallel Timelines • How to know who can help: How to hear who is offering help from the nature realms and how to analyze your life so you can request the help you most need  

Class Two: Spirit Animals, Ultra-Elementals, Ascended Animals

• How To Connect: Learn to approach Elemental Guides, how to receive their messages and how to form an on-going relationship with them. • How To Manifest: Gaia and the Elemental Beings are all about manifesting and they know how to train us! Learn divination and manifestation techniques. • How To Sustain Vibration: It is all about a steady state of high vibration and flowing with the Universe. Elemental Guides can act as your personal Flow Coaches! • Invocations, Charms & Rituals: Elemental Guides enjoy and understand the power of ceremony. Learn fun and effective methods to help you develop your own craft. • Group Meditation: Join Tricia and other students in a Live group meditation to connect to Gaia and your Elemental Guides 

About Tricia Carr

Tricia Carr is a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Channel, Animal/Nature Telepath and Head Teacher in the Lightworkers Lab, an online spiritual community founded by Crystal Anne Compton.  

Tricia works with people and animals as a healer, educator and ambassador for connection. Tricia works with groups, families, ecosystems and individuals through workshops, online classes, one-on-one sessions, articles and broadcasts.  

Tricia weekly hosts Charmed Life, a live broadcasted online TV talk show discussing topics of spirituality with expert guest hosts.  

Tricia is featured in online publications and is authoring several books, one of which is entitled Animals Are Whos Too: What Animals Teach Me about Life, Love and the Universe.  

In 2018, Tricia will continue to partner with Crystal Anne Compton and The Lightworkers Lab to educate and uplift spiritual seekers. Additionally, Tricia will continue her mission to help reconnect the human consciousness to personal sovereignty and the natural matrix of Mother Earth and the Universe. 

"My ministry is centered in helping our ascension as a prophet for Gaia and a champion for highly empathic humans who are awakening to their power in sensitivity. I am connected to and descended of Archangel Ariel. My intuitive skills abilities include channeling, mediumship, animal/nature telepathy and energy healing.” – Tricia Carr

Ready To Meet Your Nature Elemental Partners? 

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