Empowered Empaths & Highly Sensitive Intuitives

Your sensitivities are meant to be your strength! Your empathic nature is the source of your spiritual abilities! If you feel overwhelmed by the outside world, as if you are a sponge to emotions, thoughts and energies – this program is for you!  

You will learn how to feel centered and peaceful as a sensitive and how to use your gifts for the superpower they are meant to be. This is the beginning of serving your purpose, to first understand your sacred gifts and talents.  

You came into this physical experience with high sensitivity. You came in with the intention of being an example of how love heals and that compassion is the only way we can all be at peace. You are an expert feeler, and as such, you are meant to lead by your naturally compassionate nature.  

Tricia Carr, Intuitive Channel and Teacher in The Lightworkers Lab

This intensive online program includes:

  • Six classes plus recorded Q & A sessions 
  • Guided meditations, techniques and exercises designed to ground the training and up-level your state of being 
  • One-year access to the full content hosted on our website

Your sensitivity is meant to be your strength! 


This program is for you if...

  • You are ready to end the cycle of feeling like a victim of your surroundings and your own feelings.  
  • You are ready to feel your true position in this world, to stop feeling isolated in your perceptions.  
  • You are ready to understand how to step into your true power and strength as a loving, compassionate, expert feeler.  

Curriculum Overview

Class One

We look at the function (and malfunction) of the empathic nature and how to have healthy boundaries. 

Class Two 

We identify the different types of sensitive natures, i.e. Empath, HSP, Creative/Intuitive. What type of sensor are you?

Class Three

We get to know the emotional & energetic bodies and teach techniques to clear and maintain a healthy energy field.

Class Four 

Emotionally overwhelmed? Creatively exhausted? We’ll develop skills to help you stay balanced!

Class Five

We dive deep and learn to self-heal, raise vibration and live in presence. Become a master of your consciousness.

Class Six

Step into your higher purpose! As an expert feeler, you shift into your role as a compassionate savant!

Bonus: Study Group

Registrants will have access to a live student study group with additional teaching offered monthly 

Bonus: Meditations

Students will receive guided meditations, exercises and techniques to connect to their empathic natures. 

More About The Program

Empowered Empaths and Highly Sensitive Intuitives is an online program designed for those who want to turn their empathic and sensory overwhelm into an intuitive strength. It is an intensive program suitable for all levels of intuitive development.  

Each of the six classes in this program run 60-90 minutes. Additionally, there are meditations, techniques and supplemental online materials that require approximately 10-15 minutes of your time each day for optimal results. 

If you are serious about shifting to the empowerment of your empathic gifts, then this program will support that intention — IF you commit yourself to the 90 minutes a week of study, for 6 weeks.  

You can do this if you make the decision to prioritize your spiritual health!  

Additionally, you will gain access to an online community of registrants and graduates of this program. The community is a safe, supported, sacred space of like-hearted sensitive souls. In this online community, there are monthly live teaching and Q&A sessions.  

About Tricia Carr

Tricia Carr is a Healing Artist in Los Angeles, CA. Drawing upon gifts as an animal/nature communicator, medium and energy healer, Tricia works remotely with people and animals all over the world providing online classes, mentoring and one-on-one sessions. Tricia weekly hosts Charmed Life, a live broadcasted online TV talk show discussing topics of spirituality with expert guest hosts. Charmed Life archives are published on YouTube and podcast outlets along with other content Tricia creates. As a writer, Tricia has recently been accepted as a HuffPost blogger and has articles featured on several online magazines. Tricia is authoring several books, one of which is entitled Animals Are Whos Too: What Animals Teach Me about Life, Love and the Universe.  

“My ministry is centered in helping our ascension as a prophet for Gaia and a champion for Highly Sensitive People, Empaths, Creatives, Crystal Children and others who are still awakening to their power in sensitivity. I am connected to and descended of Archangel Ariel. My clair-abilities include Mediumship, Animal/Nature Telepathy and Energy Healing.”

Ready To Become An Empowered Empath?