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Many Mansions:

Exploring Interdimensional Worlds

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Many Mansions is a comprehensive course for people interested in dimensions, densities, planes and rays, as well as the various conscious beings who exist within them. The truth is that we are all multi-dimensional. Our Higher Self experiences itself through multiple incarnations that take place in various realities simultaneously, and you, reading this right here and now, are just one of those incarnations. This means that you have many, many selves and that these selves exist in many, many dimensions. By accessing our Higher Self (which controls all these selves) we can also access the many dimensions in which we exist, to include the beings (and conditions, and knowledge) that exist there, as well. The implications of this are staggering. Inside you is the doorway to multi-dimensional experience and cosmic understanding -- you simply need to find the key and open the door. Which is where this class comes in. 

Cost: $277 

Get ready to connect to UNSEEN worlds...

MODULE ONE: Universal Architecture

  • Learn exactly what DIMENSIONS are, as well as which DIMENSION we are in now (you might be surprised!) 
  • The importance of OCTAVES, which are the DIMENSIONS within DIMENSIONS
  • About the PLANES of consciousness, and how they INTERSECT with the dimensions 
  • Of the various COSMIC RAYS, as well as the ENLIGHTENED INTERDIMENSIONAL BEINGS that govern them 
  • How to DISCERN -- or to READ -- interdimensional energy  
  • About the various interdimensional SPECIES or CLASSES, to include their associations within the RAYS and DIMENSIONS  

MODULE TWO: ETs & Star Beings 

  • Explore the myth and lore of STAR BEINGS -- what's TRUE and what ISN'T?
  • The DIFFERENCE between STO Interdimensionals and STS Interdimensionals, as well as HOW to attract the ones you WANT
  • About the various RACES of STAR BEINGS -- to include CHARACTERISTICS and AGENDAS  
  • All about IMPLANTS -- how to DETECT them and how to REMOVE them  
  • ETs and SPIRITS -- why MEDIUMS frequently encounter Interdimensionals  
  • How MEDITATION changes DIMENSIONALITY and facilitates CONTACT  
  • All about HUMAN star beings: WHO they are and WHY they are here, and whether YOU could be a star being

MODULE THREE: Interdimensional Communication 

  • Common SIGNS that interdimensionals are attempting to COMMUNICATE with you 
  • Specific DISCERNMENT techniques to use when WORKING with Interdimensionals 
  • The PRIMARY RULE you must understand BEFORE attempting CONTACT 
  • About the energetic SYMBOL I personally use to achieve INTERDIMENSIONAL contact  
  • How to CONNECT to various dimensions by ACTIVATING your inner GATEWAYS  
  • How to utilize the MERKABA to NAVIGATE the dimensions  
  • The most effective CRYSTALS to use for Interdimensional CONTACT  
  • Various TOOLS and RESOURCES to help you in your Interdimensional DEVELOPMENT

Are you ready to navigate the universe and rendezvous with interdimensional energy? 


Cost: $277 

About Your Teacher

Crystal Anne Compton is a spiritual teacher, intuitive channel, and founder of The Lightworkers Lab, a growing online community dedicated to spiritual learning, fellowship, and consciousness exploration.  

Crystal has a YouTube channel with hundreds of spiritual and metaphysical educational videos and also hosts The Lightworkers Lab Podcast which can be found by visiting www.TheLightworkersLab.com.  

Crystal has taught thousands of students all over the world, and frequently hosts Lab meetups, local workshops and spiritual events.

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