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New Program Begins Spring, 2019

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Through trial, error and a whole lot of learning, spiritual teacher Crystal Anne Compton built a successful business that allows her to enjoy her life and truly live her purpose. When she began, riddled with doubt and worthiness issues, she charged only $15 a session. However, by the time she switched career tracks she was charging $300 a session, and staying very busy. She also designed comprehensive packages priced in the thousands, and sold those too. Crystal now spends her time teaching and coaching others in a variety of areas, one of which is SPIRITUAL BUSINESS MENTORING.

In this specialized group coaching program, Crystal will take members through the key strategies that helped her build her own thriving and successful business. Through weekly coaching meetings, group Q&A sessions and a private student study space, members will gain the critical skills they need to turn their spiritiual talents into a service they can sell

Included In Program: 

  • Four Live Weekly Coaching Sessions a Month
  • Videos, PDFs & Other Pertinent Digital Content 
  • Access To Private Live Coaching Group & Other Entrepreneurs 
  • Intuituive Feedback, Q&A sessions 
  • Mastermind "Hot-Seat" Goal-Setting & Problem Resolution

New Group Starts Spring 2019

Cost: $65 a month

This Group Coaching Program Is For You If: 

  • You are ready to shift your life and do the work you TRULY LOVE and make a GREAT LIVING while doing so
  • You are an intuitive reader, energy healer, coach/counselor or medium/channel and you want to turn your talents into a SERVICE you can SELL
  • You are a spiritual practitioner with a BUSINESS that isn't growing, or growing FAST enough
  • You are looking for both PROFESSIONAL and SPIRITUAL business mentorship as well as fellowhip with other spiritual ENTREPRENEURS 
  • You are thinking about finally designing a life that allows you to do the Lightwork you love -- and to make good money doing it

What We Will Learn: 

Month One

Mindset: Belief, Attraction & Manifestation

In our first month we will focus on developing the foundational trust and belief in your Self that is needed to step out in faith and create a successful business you will love. In specific we will focus on: 

  • Developing the confidence you need to BELIEVE in yourself. This is critical! You must BELIEVE that you have what it takes to offer a GROUND BREAKING service that can change someone's life. We'll go over the key ways you can get OUT of your own way and start on the path of empowered entrepreneurship
  • How to develop and present yourself as an authority in your field via things like networking, guesting and hosting, affiliations and personal presentation 
  • Goal-setting, dreaming big, and breaking through abundance and success ceilings
  • How to select the right business name and create an energetic symbol for your business that will embody your business intentionsand;
  • The ethics of a Lightworker; a sacred code of conduct that will keep you in integrity and ensure succss in spiritual business

Month Two 

Infrastructure: Websites & Necessary Tech

One of the biggest problems spiritiual or "right-brained" entrepreneurs experience is drilling down into the technical side of their business. In the second month we will focus on:

  • How to easily build a website that converts. We'll discover how to set up a website as easy as 1-2-3 and to design it in a way that makes it SIMPLE for clients to understand your purpose and order your services
  • How to craft a compelling About Me page, how to select attractive and professional photographs, how to (and how NOT TO) incorporate design 
  • How to design your OWN graphics and source awesome images 
  • Payment gateways and online calendaring
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of bad website pages, from the critical Services and Ordering pages to designing streamlined scheduling and contact pages
  • Legally protecting yourself through the construction of clear and concise website and spiritual session disclaimers, terms and conditions

Month Three 

Conducting A Session & The Ideal Client

A successful session is the cornerstone of a successful spiritual business. This INCLUDES knowing what you're worth and what to charge, as well as who you should serve. In the third month we will we will focus on:

  • Confidently charging what you are worth, to include field standards and where you fall within your industry. We will go though the technique of "conscious calculatons" to determine your desired annual income and how much to charge (and to work!) to achieve it
  • How to conduct a successful spiritual session. You will receive the exact session Blueprint that Crystal used to start and build her thriving spiritual practice 
  • How to identifying your ideal client, as well a how to manage problem clients. You will also explore techniques to clear energy between client sessions 
  • How to create a sacred and energetically charged work space conducive to you spiritual work
  • Disciplines and practices that get you into dynamic conection with Spirit before, during and after your session work

Month Four

Creating Multiple Streams of Income & Building Your Mailng List 

A successful business should have various channels bringing in income plus a healthy mailing list. In month four we will learn:

  • How to diversify and scale your business by creating multiple streams of income while serving the varying interests of your most faithful followers
  • The value of starting and building a thriving mailing list, which can become your own "personal ATM" when you need to sell services, products, or raise money  
  • The art of the Lead Magnet: How to develop free offers in exchange for clients' email addresses and contact informaton. Discover the highest converting Lead Magnets for our industry and how you can create them for your own business 
  • Learn how to create an email list, build an opt-in page and connect it all via an irresistable widget for your website

Month Five

Putting Yourself Out There: Navigating Social Media

Whether your business is local or online, you NEED social media to make an impact. In month five we will learn:

  • How to choose the right platform. With so many social media platforms it can get overwhelming, quickly. Learn how to figure out which one is best suited to you and your work, and also how to get your message out to as many people as possible 
  • Content creation for your desired platforms. Now that you've chosen your platforms, learn key ways to reach out and stay connected, whether through photographs, posts, tweets or video
  • The power of Facebook pages and groups: Even with the recent bumps in the road for Facebook, it is STILL one of the most powerful ways to grow your business. Learn how to leverage your presence on Facebook to build a thriving business 
  • Just as powerful as Facebook, is YouTube. Discover how to use this platform even if you don't like being on video (although we will help you get comfortable!)

Month Six 

Creating Live & Evergreen Online Programs That Sell

It's time to aim higher. Expand your vision beyond one-on-one services (which locks you into money - for - time, which limits your earning) and learn to devise programs that will pull in multiple students and uplevel your income. In our final month we will focus on:

  • Designing and offering coaching or mentoring programs that allow you to serve more than just one person at a time
  • How to organize, market and fill a Live online spiritual program or class 
  • How to organize, market and sell Evergreen or passive online classes, and also how to turn your old Live classes into Evergreen programs that will keep paying long after your program is finished
  • How to produce Live broadcasts, including the audio, visual and other technical equipment involved. We will also discuss software platforms that will help you conduct things like webinars, online workshops and Livestreams 

Included In Program: 

  • Four Live Weekly Coaching Sessions a Month
  • Videos, PDFs & Other Pertinent Digital Content
  • Access To Private Live Coaching Group & Other Entrepreneurs
  • Intuituive Feedback, Q&A sessions
  • Mastermind "Hot-Seat" Goal-Setting & Problem Resolution

New Group Starts January 2019

Cost: $65 a month

Here's What Will Happen When You Join:

  • You will receive an email from Crystal invitng you to join the private Coaching Group on Facebook. Please join as soon as possible so you can get to know the other coaching members ahead of our start date. Trust me, this will be a good group! 
  • Before our start date you will receive an email with instructions on video content, meeting times and other important content and scheduling information.
  • At the beginning of each week, three times a month, you will receive an email describing that week's focus subject plus links to pertinent video lessons. Members should attempt to watch and integrate this lesson prior to that week's meeting. This email will also contain details about that week's Coaching session.
  • At the end of each week we will come together for our Group Coaching Session which takes place via Zoom (link provided via email as per above). Coaching sessions with Crystal will be scheduled three weeks out of four on Friday afternoons at 3pm CST -- though this may change from time to time due to scheduling issues (vacations, group needs, holidays, etc.) The fourth week of coaching will be facilitated by Crystal's trained facilitator and graduate of the Spiritual Business Group Coaching Program, Lisa Robinett. 
  • *Each week 2 - 4 members will be given an opportunity to be in the group's "hot seat". Being in the hot seat allows members to bring up specific issues they are dealing with, including obstacles, process streamlining, business issues and also successes/wins. After presenting their topic Crystal and also group members will offer input and insight, to include intuitive feedback.  

Crystal Anne Compton is a spiritual teacher, intuitive channel and founder of The Lightworkers Lab, a growing online community dedicated to spiritual learning, fellowship and consciousness exploration. She was an intuitive reader for many years and now offers her expertise as a coach, mentor, channel and guide.  

Crystal also has a YouTube channel with over 500 spiritual and metaphysical educational videos, and also hosts The Lightworkers Lab Podcast which can be found by visiting www.TheLightworkersLab.com.  

Crystal has taught thousands of students all over the world, and in 2019 plans to travel frequently to host Lab meetups, local workshops and spiritual events.  

Click here to visit Crystal's website.

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